Assessment Collection

SwedelsonGottlieb firmly believes that in most cases, nonjudicial collection is the better assessment collection option. But we also understand that there are circumstances where suing a particular delinquent owner is appropriate, especially when that owner has assets and the property is worth less than the loan secured on the property. Judicial assessment collection is a viable option in these cases. 

Our litigation team will evaluate the owner and determine if there are assets, file the assessment collection lawsuit, and prosecute that lawsuit to judgment for the delinquent assessments, late fees, interest, as well as the collection and attorney's fees and costs. And our team will make every effort to collect on that judgment, including writs of execution and the recording of abstracts of judgment. 

Our attorneys also assist community associations with drafting payment plans in compliance with California Civil Code, pursuing outstanding assessments through small claims, and educating the board on the importance of assessment collection. For more information regarding SwedelsonGottlieb's assessment collection services, please contact our office.

While SwedelsonGottlieb does not directly handle non-judicial assessment collection matters, our partners are principals of Association Lien Services (ALS), an affiliate of SwedelsonGottlieb, which specializes in the non-judicial collection of delinquent assessments for California community associations.  One of the most successful collection services in California, ALS utilizes its proprietary Assessment Recovery Management System (ARMS) which enables managers and boards of directors to directly monitor delinquent accounts online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Visit ALS' website at for more information or to start a new collection account. Contact ALS at 800.825.5510 or [email protected] with any questions you may have regarding its services. All of ALS' services are attorney-supervised and supported by the community association attorneys at SwedelsonGottlieb.