Governing Document Amendment and Restatement AMEND!®

SwedelsonGottlieb has developed a specialized program called Amend!® which can give new life and new legal strength to a community association's outdated CC&Rs and Bylaws.  Amend!® enables association boards to update obsolete governing documents with changes in California law, including changes relating to elections, liens/foreclosures, solar panel installation, electric vehicle charging stations, alternative dispute resolution procedures, and authority for providing notice disclosure electronically.  In addition, our documents are written in commonly used language to avoid confusing legalese, which makes them more user friendly and helps avoid confusion and disputes.

Once completed pursuant to our Amend!® program and approved, our clients' restated CC&Rs and Bylaws will represent legally binding documents consistent with current and long-established California Civil and Corporations Codes requirements. Boards have a clear basis from which to take legal action as well as reference tools to enforce policies and restrictions.  We offer three options for our Amend!® program, depending on the size of the community:

Amend!® Option 1 is available for smaller or more financially conscious community associations that would like their governing documents to be updated to conform with current law. We offer a basic fixed fee plan that allows for minimal customization of the restated documents but still includes many popular provisions such as rental restrictions, assignment of rents, and hard surface flooring restrictions.

Amend!® Option 2 allows for greater customization of the governing documents, including detailed maintenance, repair, and replacement responsibilities, so they better reflect the needs and "personality" of the association and its members and residents.

Amend!® Option 3 includes all the services of Option 2, with the addition of preparation or revision of several policies and rules and regulations, as detailed in our formal proposal. Our team also develops a maintenance checklist (matrix) for a convenient reference to homeowner and association maintenance responsibilities. 

If you would like more information regarding these three options and a written Amend!® proposal, please contact request a proposal below and attach your governing documents so that we can determine if we can approve your association for our flat fee options.  As always, feel free to give us a call at 800.372.2207 with any questions.