Davis Stirling Act

The Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act, commonly known as the Davis-Stirling Act, is the section of the law that specifically regulates community associations. The first California community association statutes, sections 1350-1374, were passed in 1985 ("old code").  In 2014, the Davis-Stirling Act was reorganized and recodified, replacing the "old code" with sections 4000-6150.

The Davis-Stirling Act applies to all community associations, regardless of when they were developed. The intention of the Davis-Stirling Act is to provide safeguards for members within community associations and to allow for self-governance by an elected board. The Davis-Stirling Act includes regulation on many issues, including finances, insurance, elections, communication with members, dispute resolution, and operations.

Download the full Davis Stirling Common Interest Development Act here.
Click here for a conversion chart for the "old code" of the Davis-Stirling Act.